Broken Kingdom

Broken Kingdom

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Broken Kingdom

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  • Broken Kingdom

    Two stories weave their way from the harrowing slums of Bogota to the hills of Hollywood. A 14-year-old street girl and an American writer discover an uncommon union, while a day-care teacher in Los Angeles does everything she can to fight the weight of a tragic secret. The film stars Daniel Gill...

  • Thank You, Donors

    A special thank you from filmmaker Daniel Gillies.

  • Deleted Scene: Valentina

    Both deleted sections of the film belong to the storyline of 'Valentina' played by the wonderful Julieth Restrepo.

    Unfortunately, Valentina's was a 3rd storyline which was ultimately incongruous with the 2 major narratives: Marilyn in LA and Jason in Bogotá.

    Like everything in art, there is...

  • Deleted Scene: Germans

    Valentina becomes hostage in a situation where a pair of German Businessmen (actors Rudiger Kunze and Jens Lenhert) have taken she and her friend back to their shitty hotel after what appeared to be a casual encounter in a Bogotá club. Valentina's friend Karmen (played by Maria Cristina Pimiento)...